Who is the SkepDick?

The skepdick is a skeptical guy named Jordan Brock.

At TAM 2013 I was lucky enough to meet my idols from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe:

Bigfoot is real!  He must be since I have a cast of his footprint.

Bigfoot is real! He must be since I have a cast of his footprint.


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3 thoughts on “Who is the SkepDick?

  1. Ben Stanbridge

    Hi, I’ll start by telling you I have recently been considering starting a skeptical blog. First step, a witty and light hearted title. I know Skepdick! I head to Google “Skepdick” enter……….. SHIT.
    Congrats you bastard lol. Jealous you met the SGU boys too, hopefully TAM hits the merry ol land of Aus again.

    1. skepdick Post author

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, TAM was amazing this year, got to spend a lot of time getting to know many of my podcast and skeptical heroes. Was wonderful to meet Richard Saunders from the land of Oz. Heard he was coming back to the USA for NECSS in our spring. If you’d like to contribute an article or anything to the website, you’d be more than welcome. Keep being a skepdick, no matter what Phil Plait says. – SD

  2. Richard Smith


    I welcome your addition of “Hot Tub Time Machine” as a drinking game. I note you have a “five star game” edition.

    I would encourage you to add a “six star game” edition.

    This would involve the ONE additional rule of: “Drink when the word FUCK is said.”

    I assure you after multiple attempts, this additional rule is (in my opinion) impossible to fulfil.


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