• The reason this blog even exists:  The Skeptics Guide To The Universe.  I started listening to the SGU in the fall of 2012 while driving across the country.  70+ hours of podcasts later and I was hooked.  Finally I’d been able to put a label/name to how I saw the world.  Sort of.  As it turns out, I’m a skeptical, atheist, rationalist.  Wait, labels are a load of crap, aren’t they?  Words can’t express how cool it was to meet them in person at TAM this year, just wish I’d made that final table in poker.  Maybe next year.


  • Through the SGU, I started listening to Skeptoid as well.  Brian has the sort of dry humor that a skepdick loves but without being such a dick about it (in fact he probably wouldn’t like this skepdickal crap I’m spouting at all, he has actually stated more than once in his podcast that skeptics should be less confrontational. Sorry Brian).  Anyway, I suggest you go back to 2006 on Itunes and start listening to the podcasts from the beginning.  They are mostly around 10 minutes long and extremely well researched.  If you weren’t a full blown skeptic before listening to them, I challenge you to present any logical argument against skepticism after listening.


  • Found this blog recently when on google:  Bob Carroll’s Skeptic Dictionary.  Wonderful site with lots of information about everything skeptical.  Definitely my go to source when confronted with someone’s nonsense.
  • Had an amaz!ng weekend at TAM 2013.  Met a lot of like minded skeptics and made some new friends.  Got proof that Bigfoot exists and learned a heck of a lot.  Looking forward to next year.  Please visit the JREF page for more info.


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